Granicus Cognitive and Personality Test Practice

Our Granicus PrepPack™ is comprised of the Cognitive (CCAT) and a personality test specifically designed to ensure your success in the job application process. We have also supplied these test with answer keys and a point-by-point study guide so that you can track your progress and understand what topics in the tests require more practice. With JobTestPrep practice materials, you will improve your score and increase your chances of getting the job.

Granicus Hiring Process

  • Phone Interview - Once recruiters receive your online application and résumé, they will call you to have a brief phone interview with you regarding your education and job qualifications.
  • The Cognitive & the personality test - After this, you will be asked to take the cognitive and personality test. The test has a very short time limit and needs to be done with utmost attention and concentration. Passing the cognitive test is of paramount importance because a recruiter’s decision to invite you for another set of interviews depends exclusively on how well you do on your initial assessment.
  • Skype Interview - If you score high on your test and demonstrate the necessary aptitudes on you’re personality test, you will have a phone or Skype interview with Granicus representatives. Be ready to answer questions about your motivation to work in the company. You may also be asked about your interest in governmental programs and asked to elaborate on your ideas of how to increase their effects on the lives of citizens.  The interviewer might also talk to you about Granicus and the work benefits that you receive when you get hired.
  • Face-to-Face Interview - The next step is another interview, this time in one of the company’s offices. During this interview, you will talk to several Granicus managers and team leaders either in person or on Skype. Questions asked in this interview are mostly competency-based. If you apply for the position of Software Automation Engineer, Java Developer, or Technical Support Representative, you will need to answer technical questions that are designed to evaluate your professionalism. This interview may last up to four hours.

Granicus Personality Assessment

Granicus requires their prospective employees to take the Personality Assessment. This test measures your aptitude for your applied position together with your natural ability to interact peacefully and productively in different settings with your co-workers. Creating a pleasant and dynamic working environment is important to Granicus; therefore, they want to understand the personalities of their would-be employees before hiring them.  

Tasks on the Personality Assessment ask you either to imagine people’s reactions to certain scenarios or grade your own attitude to certain problems on a scale from 1 to 5.  You are expected to reply honestly and impromptu. Giving truthful and unrehearsed responses does not mean that you should not prepare for your Granicus Personality Test. JobTestPrep’s designed exclusive practice material to get you ready for your personality test. We will show you how to emphasize your strengths and how to answer ambiguously posed questions. Study with JobTestPrep’s personality tests and demonstrate to your prospective employers that you possess all the right qualities needed to play a significant role in their company.    

Interviews at Granicus

Granicus’ pre-employment process involves several interviews. Initially, you will have a phone conversation with a recruiter, who will ask you questions about your education and working experience. The second interview is with your prospective manager conducted either by phone or on Skype. Questions asked at this stage are mostly competency-based. You may also discuss your motivation to work at Granicus and the company’s goals and missions.

Next is a set of various face-to-face interviews with Granicus’s top managers and team leaders in one of the company’s offices. In addition to more competency-based questions, you may be asked to answer technical questions, if you compete for positions of a Software Automation Engineer, Java Developer, Technical Support Representative, and other similar roles.  Note that the last interview might be four hours long. Several of the questions asked in interviews at Granicus are listed below.

  • What is your experience in government communication?
  • Why do you want to work for Granicus?  
  • How do you deal with co-workers who are disruptive?  
  • How would you handle disagreements between team members?  
  • Tell me about one of the projects you mention in your résumé.  
  • What is the most important quality a good engineer should have?
  • Do you have experience with MS Servers and IIS? 

In order to sound confident and professional in your conversation with Granicus employers, it is highly advisable to think these and similar questions out, and clearly formulate your answers to them. You should also read about the company and its business objectives.

About Granicus

Granicus is a company that offers cloud-based solutions for communications, meeting and agenda management, and digital services to more than 3,000 government organizations. Its products connect over 150 million people across North America and the United Kingdom. A part of Vista Equity Partners and headquartered in Denver, CO, Granicus also has offices in Colorado, Minnesota, Washington DC, Saint Paul, and London.

Granicus has 500 employees and continues hiring for position openings in all its departments. Last year, its Business Development department employed 75% new employees; its Information Technology expanded by 8%, while its Sales department was enlarged by 24%. In 2016, Granicus also employed 7% more engineers. Overall, in the last two years, the company’s staff has grown by 37%.

The company’s revenue is 100,000 million a year and its employees’ annual salaries range from $40,000 to $100,000, depending on the position. Thus, a Customer Success Manager earns $41,120 a year; an annual wage of an Account Manager is $54,871, and a Software Engineer’s salary reaches $98,979 a year.

Prepare for your pre-employment assessment at Granicus with JobTestPrep’s practice materials and convince the company’s managers that you can make a notable contribution to the realization of their business goals.

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